Canadian Mr. Olympia Caliber Bodybuilder Reveals The missing link to explosive muscle growth!!

Ben Pakulski

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Did you know most scientists still believe that the amount of muscle you can build is predetermined by your genetics.

Here’s why that’s not even close to the truth…

The latest cutting edge science clearly shows that how you train is the greatest determining factor in your genetic expression, and how big you can get.

Yes. You read that right. It’s not your genes… it’s how you train…

Just look at an elite marathon runner’s physique and compare him to a bodybuilder — it becomes obvious that training specificity has a profound effect.

For years even I believed the “common wisdom” that the number of muscle fibers someone was born with was fixed for life…. The theory was that If you were born to be skinny, you would always be skinny.


Here’s The Thing..

Luckily science is now catching up with what we’ve seen in the gym for decades — that you can ABSOLUTELY overhaul your genetics by not only building up the muscle fibers you currently have with intelligently planned training programs, but also by actually adding new fibers, a phenomenon known as “Hyperplasia”.

I know at first this sounds far fetched but after a quick analysis of the research — and the mechanism of exactly how it works— it starts to make perfect sense.

In fact some leading scientists believe this could be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for — the fastest way ever discovered to build extreme amounts of muscle in the shortest amount of time possible while overcoming your “genetic shortcomings”.

This should come as incredible news if you’ve ever felt doomed to a fate of skinny muscles or overgrown love handles. There is no doubt that your parents genetic code determine where you start your muscle building journey., But where you start does not need to be the same as where you end up …if you are motivated to make a change you now have the means to control of your own muscle building destiny.

Now the hard truth. Even though you NOW know you’re in control…

Most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to build a body worthy of respect, admiration and most importantly unwavering self-confidence. Are you?


If you are… If you’re already going to the gym and training your butt off on a daily basis, wouldn’t it just make sense to be doing the type of training proven to allow you to ignore your genetically predetermined “limitations”, and access a whole new realm of physical possibilities?

It could be as simple as adding this simple (yet extremely difficult) technique to the end of your last set on specific exercises to elicit a different type of growth response- new muscle cell growth, or hyperplasia.

What is the technique?

Its called intra-set stretching.

And this brand new training technique triggers the one physiological mechanism that is going to allow you actually ignore your genetic coding and build as much muscle as you could ever want.

Until now, it was believed that muscles could only grow by adding more protein layers on the same muscle fibers you currently have. You probably know that as being called hypertrophy, right?

However we now know that very specific types of training actually force your body to increase the number of fibers in a cell. That’s called hyperplasia. And that is your ticket to blowing past your genetic limitations.


I’m about to tell you exactly how to do it so keep reading!

For this to make perfect sense, let’s start by looking at all the potential ways muscle cells can grow; otherwise known as HYPERTROPHY:

First off

01 Mechanical Damage: 

This is the type of training that causes muscle soreness. Your muscles break down and properly dosed protein servings helps rebuild muscle fibres bigger than they were previously. Essentially just adding to the amount of contractile protein of each muscle cell = bigger muscles.


02 Metabolic Stress:

This type of training causes high levels of lactic acid or burn (often mistakenly seen as the culprit for next day muscle soreness) which in turn initiates a cascade of hormonal adaptation that can lead to improved body composition, better nutrient utilization, increased nutrient uptake, and muscle growth.


03 Cell Swelling and Hyperemia:

This type of training is what Arnold coined “the pump”. Maximal stimulation of the pump is caused by maximal blood and cell volumization with particular training methods and intelligent nutrient and supplement protocols around and during training. This “pump”, known scientifically as Cell Swelling or Hyperemia has been shown to trigger an “adapt or die” type response by the muscle cells whereby the excessive swelling acts like a trigger to get bigger and or face potential cell death from excessive intracellular pressure.

All the “traditional” muscle building techniques have been built around these 3 mechanisms.Which is why you’ve probably felt limited by just how much growth you can achieve. You’ve been limited by your training techniques. You’re only able to hypertrophy your current muscle fibers.

And every time you hit a plateau you’ve become frustrated with your lack of results, and blame your genetics or your nutrition. Sound familiar?

Sure, you’ve probably built some decent muscle based on the hypertrophic methods above, but your ceilings are low.

Now the fun part.

The missing link to explosive muscle growth: How to Trigger Hyperplasia

As we’ve discussed, Hyperplasia is the idea that muscle cells can actually divide and add brand new fibers. This isn’t an entirely new concept, it was first seen in animals in 1973 (Sola et al) but it is new to the world of humans and particularly new to the application of muscle building for physical enhancement.


Conservative examples demonstrate a 52-75% increase in the number of muscle fibres (Alway et al) in 30 days, and one study by Dr Antonio et al showed 334% increase in muscle mass and 90% increase in the number of muscle fibers in just 28 days. The methods used were extreme, but their results can’t be argued with.

Of course, this type of growth is extreme and not likely to be replicated in humans (although nothing is out of the question). However there IS conclusive evidence that we can achieve a similar degree of Hyperplasia in humans with the right technique. So the question is…

How Do We Trigger Hyperplasia In Humans?



This was a 6 week study, the first of its kind on humans using a very specific (NOS-X) overload protocol of “intra-set stretching”.

Now, not to be confused with the type of stretching your babysitter does at her local hot yoga study. This type of stretching is nothing short of extreme.


After completing a typical set for certain well chosen exercises you undergo a loaded stretch and place the muscle under extreme amounts of tension — all while continuing to drive additional blood and nutrients to the area, also increasing the cell swelling and nutrient delivery.

Intra-set stretching is a completely novel technique that maximizes two of the key mechanisms of hypertrophy. 1) Cell swelling and 2) Mechanical tension, as well as being the most proven method of inducing hyperplasia (new muscle cell growth).

The phenomenon of hyperplasia can take place in one of two known ways:

The first being fiber splitting (as mentioned above), and the primary mechanism is via the activation and proliferation of satellite cells

Satellite cells are involved in the regeneration of muscle cells and become “activated” when a muscle cell is injured, stretched, or is exposed to extreme “damage” from intense exercise.

Satellite cells can attach and contribute to the growth (hypertrophy) of the cell, via donation of a nuclei, or these new “myoblasts” as they’re called can actually combine with other myoblasts and form a new fiber, known as hyperplasia.

So now that you know what to do to trigger Hyperplasia. The question is HOW do you do it.

And since it’s much easier to just show you rather than trying to explain it in writing, just head over to the video in the green link below and watch an actual demonstration of how to apply this NOS-X style of intra-set stretch training for the biceps that adds POUNDS of lean muscle, while stripping off your body fat at the same time….

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