Amanda Miron Body Transformation

How Amanda Miron Lost 75lbs and More!!

In today’s body transformation success story, we get the chance to hear from Amanda Miron.

At one time, Amanda was out of shape, low on energy, and fed up. 

But, she’s changed all that losing 75lbs, getting and staying in the best shape of her life and qualifying as a personal trainer where she is now coaching others to achieve the same body transformation that she did! 

If you’re currently not happy with your physical fitness, then pay attention to the great advice and insights from Amanda as this could be the difference-maker to get you from where you currently are to where you want to be!

Let’s get started!

T.F.J – Hello! Who are you, and what was your weight before you decided to lose it and keep it lost?

A.M. – Hi! My name is Amanda Miron. 

Amanda Miron Weight Loss

Prior to losing weight, I was not the picture of health. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and had no concept of calories, portion sizes, healthy foods, etc. 

I also hated the idea of any sort of exercise; I would cringe when my friends would ask me if I wanted to go for a walk or anything of that nature. 

My comfort zone consisted of my bed, TV, and junk food. 

An average day for me would be rushing through anything I had to do that day to hurry up and get home so I could lay in bed, eat, watch TV, and scroll on my phone. 

I was so tired every single day, and even the smallest of tasks seemed daunting. I had zero motivation to do anything productive with my life.

I feel like I got caught in a vicious cycle of eating/isolating to comfort myself during stressful times. 

The problem with that was eventually that turned into the source of my stress, so naturally, I would eat and isolate more.

I was extremely insecure in my own skin during this point in my life. It got to the point where I avoided hanging out with friends, going to the beach, even simply walking past a mirror. 

I was never in denial about my weight, but doing anything about it seemed too formidable, so I stayed in my safe place of self-destructing comfort.

T.F.J. – At what point did you decide enough is enough, and you were going to change your health and fitness forever?

A.M. – It’s funny, I remember the exact day I decided I had enough. 

Prior to losing weight, I would habitually eat to the point of feeling sick.

On this particular day, my family and I went to the Cheesecake Factory, and of course, I ordered one of the most high-calorie dishes. 

I remember feeling so sick the whole hour car ride home and just feeling so bad about myself. 

“The next week I got rid of all the junk food and hired a personal trainer”

I had told myself many times I wanted to lose weight, but it never happened. 

I would try a diet for a couple weeks, then feel so deprived and go back to my regular eating. 

I think what really changed this time was that my focus wasn’t on looking better, I just wanted to FEEL better. 

This enabled me to eat foods that are going to help my body feel good, as opposed to “punishing” myself with a diet. It also motivated me to exercise to feel energized, rather than just to reach some aesthetic goal.

This way of thinking changed everything for me. My first goal was to lose about 35 pounds and make it to 160 lbs, and within 8 months, I surpassed that goal by a landslide and got down to 120 lbs.

T.F.J. – Great approach. 

Many people are only thinking about what they want to look like but not how good they will feel on the inside where it all begins.

I love your attitude. When you’re in shape, you’re stronger and more energetic, so you naturally feel better

Take us through how you got started on the path to the new you.

A.M. – Upon making the decision to change, I started working with a personal trainer 5 days/week. 

This really helped me stay on track, I noticed that if I exercised in the morning, I was way less likely to eat junk later on. 

I cut out all the processed foods and stuck to eating whole, nutritious foods, I also cut out all alcohol. 

To be honest, I didn’t set my expectations too high for myself, I was so used to letting myself down that I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but week after week I continued to surprise myself.

I tracked my weight every morning on an app on my phone. Although I tell my clients not to base everything off the scale, it did really help to hold me accountable. 

I was less likely to binge if I knew I had to step on the scale and record my weight the next morning. 

It really became so exciting to see my progress. I looked forward to stepping on the scale and seeing the pounds drop off, my success became my addiction.

T.F.J – Brilliant! Describe what it was like for the first 3-4 weeks.

A.M. – My first workout was discouraging, to say the least. 

I had an incredibly hard time doing what my trainer asked and often felt very out of breath and exhausted. 

I was also extremely insecure and embarrassed to be working out in a gym, so that didn’t help either. 

I was pretty sore for the first couple of weeks, but I didn’t mind because at least I knew what I was doing was working, even if I couldn’t see it just yet. 

I did have cravings for sugar and processed foods, but I came to love my new lifestyle so much I really didn’t miss it. 

I started feeling SO much better within the first week. I would also watch a lot of inspiring weight loss shows on TV; on days it was hard, those shows motivated me to keep pushing through. 

One of the biggest lessons I learned from all this was that half the battle is just STARTING. 

“It’s making the commitment and sticking to it”

I know for me personally, when I thought about losing weight, it was so overwhelming to me to the point where I didn’t think it was worth it to even try. 

Another big lesson I learned was to trust myself, I spent so much time scared that I was going to let myself down that I never even gave myself a chance to succeed.

T.F.J. – When things got really tough, what happened? How did you respond and rise above it all to keep moving forward towards your goal?

A.M. – I had a ton of support from my family throughout my journey. My dad was actually the one who got me set up with a personal trainer. 

Amanda Miron Weight Loss

Throughout my weight gain, my family and friends were very careful not to make me feel bad or insecure, which I appreciate, but they were there to help when I got serious about my health.

Contrary to the abundance of outside support, internally, it was a whole other story. 

I faced so much self-doubt, criticism, insecurities, you name it. 

I was so hesitant to ever let myself get excited about accomplishing a goal out of fear that I would just be disappointed when I fell back into my old habits.

It sounds SO cliché, but the advice I would give to someone in a similar situation would be to just believe in yourself! 

I’m still so freaking proud of myself for what I accomplished, and I NEVER thought I would be strong enough to actually do it. 

I look back at pictures of my old self with admiration because I’m so grateful to her for being brave.

When it got hard, I would always remind myself of how far I’ve already come. Seeing my progress motivated me to keep going because I figured if I’ve made it this far, who’s to say I can’t have my dream body? 

I would create shopping carts on different websites filled with cute clothes I’ve always wanted to be able to wear but never had the body for. 

I would think about all the summer beach trips I would be able to take without hiding under an XL T-shirt. I would think about what life would be like without the constant cloud of insecurity and shame. 

These dreams kept me pushing forward when I didn’t feel strong enough to keep going. 

I can’t say there was a definitive moment where I felt like I won, because I felt like I was winning when I lost the first 5 pounds. 

I mean, even today, almost 4 years later, I surpassed my goal weight, became a personal trainer, had a baby, and I’m now 6 months postpartum and under my pre-pregnancy weight, but I still don’t feel like I’m “done.” 

I feel like fitness and health is an ever-evolving journey, and while I appreciate the progress I’ve made and the obstacles I’ve overcome, I don’t know if I will ever feel that I have won.  

T.F.J. – Great advice on filling up your shopping cart for the body that’s on the way shifting your focus to the new you, the mind is so powerful, and those strategies can be game-changers! 🙂

When did your transformation finally happen? When did you know, and what was the feeling like when all your hard work paid finally paid off?

A.M. – As I touched on a little bit before, I don’t think there was a point in time where I celebrated hitting my transformation. However, there were countless moments of victory. 

One of the biggest ones I recall was going to my 20th birthday dinner with tons of friends and family, some of which I hadn’t seen since I lost a lot of my weight. 

It was so amazing to be able to wear a cute outfit and not have to duck and dodge the camera but actually enjoy being able to take pictures with my loved ones.

The one thing I would do differently in my journey would be documenting everything! 

I always tell my clients when first starting to TAKE PICTURES! 

Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was take pictures when I first started, but I wish I had! I only have a couple before pictures of me that I’ve collected from various friends and family members.

When I thought about losing weight, my goals were very much appearance driven. 

I wanted to look pretty, feel confident, all that good stuff. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great feeling, but I gained so much more than that. 

I gained confidence, not only in how I looked, but the confidence to accomplish things I never thought possible. 

I gained trust in myself to persevere through adversity. I knew that if I accomplished this goal, which I had, long though, was too far out of reach that I could accomplish anything I wanted to in life.

I gained a healthy, able body that would carry me through a pregnancy and now motherhood. 

These gifts I gave myself make the aesthetic goals I had, in the beginning, seem so small because nothing could have prepared me for the woman I have become since embarking on this journey.

T.F.J. – I love it! How are you doing today, and what does the future look like?

A.M. – Today, I have my own personal training business, which is so amazing and rewarding. 

I get to do what I love every day and help people just like me reach their goals. I am also a full-time mommy to the sweetest 6 month old boy you’ll ever meet.

I am so grateful for my journey because it enabled me to find one of my life’s passions and create a life from it. 

My business gives me the ability to do what I love, earn a living, all while giving me enough time to experience the joy of watching my son grow up. 

My short and long term fitness goals are simply just to keep evolving and improving the way I live my life. 

I look forward to a long life of learning how to best care for my body, and I appreciate that I have the knowledge to pass on to my child(ren). 

I have plans to expand and build my business, I would love to build an online business to be able to reach and help more people.

T.F.J. – No doubt your children and countless others are going to benefit from this. 

What advice would you have for others who want to get started or are just starting out changing their bodies for the better?

A.M. – Tip #1: JUST START! Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect plan in place, or don’t know exactly how you’re going to reach your goals. Get your foot in the water and learn along the way. 

Tip #2: Hire a personal trainer if you can. I understand that not everyone has the funds readily available to pay for a personal trainer; however, this is an investment in your health. 

It’s important to exercise in a safe way to ensure you’re not going to hurt yourself and set you back from your goals. 

It was also a huge factor in keeping me on track and holding me accountable. If you can’t afford a trainer, try to start a group class.

Tip #3: Just say no to fad diets. Yes, these diets work for some people, but for the majority of people, they end up being very unhealthy and are unsustainable. 

Focus on finding a diet that fits your lifestyle and that you don’t need to “cheat” on. 

Eat whole, nutritious foods that fuel your body and practice everything in moderation. 

Tip #4: Trust the process and trust yourself. 

There’s going to be days where you don’t feel like eating healthy or going to the gym. 

There’s going to be days where you don’t see the scale move, or see it move up. 

There’s going to be days where you don’t see the point. 

Just keep going, trust, and believe in yourself that you can make it through. 

Focus on meeting your next small goal, and eventually, those small goals add up to big goals, and one day you realize you did it. 

T.F.J. – Great advice, a lot of people give up too early, you won’t get there without tip #4. 

Thank you very much, and where can people go to learn more?

A.M. – You can contact me below at:

Well, there you have it, as Amanda said, she started out wanting to feel better and ended up with so much more that will last her the rest of her life!

Think about Amanda’s tips and advice when you’re working hard to achieve your own body transformation success story, trust in the process then it’s only a matter of time before you get there too!

Amanda Miron Weight Loss