MI40X Review – Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

A while back my training was beginning to get stale, I was doing the same old thing and I wanted something to challenge my mind and body as well as freshen things up!

Luckily I came across Ben Pakulski and the MI40 Nation!


Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Xtreme 2.0 Program Review

I dedicated two months to trying Ben Pakulski’s new cep training system,  MI40X Cell Expansion Protocol Training; this is the follow up to Ben’s first muscle-building routine MI40. 

I’ve been training for years, and I love to give my body a new challenge. 

The first time I heard of Ben Pakulski (nicknamed the Pak-Man) was from Nick Mitchell, founder of UP Gyms. 

Nick had nothing but great things to say about Ben. 

Nicks UP Body Transformation centres have an incredible portfolio of legit body transformations.


When he said, he wouldn’t be on the same level as Ben Pakulski as far as knowledge and experience of how to lift weights I knew I had to find out more about MI40X and Ben’s training regime.

Pakulski is an IFBB professional bodybuilder that amongst other titles, has won the 2008 Mr Canada and in 2012, in his first-ever Mr Olympia, finished 11th!

The MI40X program decreases fat-mass and increases lean body mass, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, power and strength compared to traditional, volume matched training protocols.

Overall, the MI40X system seems to be practical for anyone looking to enhance their body composition, strength, and maximize their workout density!

After a bit more research, I went ahead and spent the $97 for the program with all of the extras, went straight to the download area,  and got to work!

MI40X Getting Started
After I Signed Up!

Who Should Buy This Product?

MI40X Cep Training is for anyone looking to build muscle mass, reduce body fat, get in shape and improve their physique, fitness trainers and exercise enthusiasts that want to learn more about the body, e.g. how to contract your muscles fully.


Anybody wanting a real challenge!


Anybody that feels their training has plateaued/ gone a bit stale and is looking for something fresh with lots of new exercises to add to their toolkit. 

The goal of MI40X is to enable anyone regardless of their body type to build lean, solid muscle and to maintain a strong, healthy physique for the long-term.

To build new muscle, all of the training variables, including Reps(generally in the 10+ range), Sets(4+ range), Load, Tempo, and Rest Period, are incorporated.

There are three levels you can do. Each level consists of 36 workouts over six 7 week phases (42 days.) 

Overview of mI40x’s Six Phases

These levels are 1. ‘Natural'(Beginner), 2. ‘Graduate’ (Intermediate), and 3. ‘Pro’ (Advanced).

The workouts are brutal but also very enjoyable. It’s a 42-day slog, but the range of exercises and muscle stimulation I got was off the charts!

On top of all of this knowledge and experience I gained, I also learned about what sets MI40X apart from other training programs, and that was the use of intra-set stretching and CEP (Cell Expansion Protocol) along with traditional weight training.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Ben probably didn’t invent this, although before he brought awareness to it, I for one never heard of it!

Cell Expansion Protocol (The Extra Juice!)

Ben gives comprehensive, excellent demonstrations in the video exercise library you get with the program for every exercise that is CEP safe.

CEP training is based around the NOS-X execution principles. 

When performing NOS-X, do eight repetitions (with 60% of your typical weight); once you’ve completed eight reps, instead of dropping the weight, move the exercise into a stretched position and “rest” it there.

Maintain this stretch under 20 seconds (first-time beginners), to 30 seconds (advanced lifters) per drop in load.

The goal here is to maximally stretch the working muscle while keeping it under tension and the resistance under control.

Contract the antagonist/opposite muscle group to ensure a maximum stretch of the working muscle.

E.g. If you’re training the biceps, contract the triceps( the antagonist) in a max stretched position.

Once you have 2-3 drops in weight, as well as the intra-set stretches, do not finish the final set with an intra-set stretch, finish instead with a hard contraction!

Ben Performing NOS-X Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curls!

The main reason I bought MI40X is that Ben Pakulski, admits himself that he wasn’t born with the most exceptional jeans, unlike other bodybuilders. 

Still, through dedication on top of excellent training, he’s managed to change that. 

Not all bodybuilders have proper technique, but they’re so gifted genetically that they don’t have to have proper technique, but Ben has, and if it’s good enough for him then it’s certainly good enough for me!

I take pride in having great technique when lifting weights using proper training variables such as correct tempo for a given exercise. 

But this program helped me learn how to contract many muscle groups better using exercises I never used before, and I’m forever grateful for that!

What I think it’s best for is giving someone a proper education in how to correctly lift weights properly so you can have a long and healthy career in the weight room.

On top of delivering excellent results if you follow the program correctly, Ben is a great teacher of how to lift safely and effectively which you can confidently carry over into other training programs you will perform for years to come.

We’ll talk about this in a minute!

What You Should Know

When your goal is to reach your full physical potential, or at least the norm, building muscle, being in excellent condition and then maintaining it, exercise alone won’t cut it.

A sound nutrition plan, advice on getting started properly and, if you decide to invest in supplementation to help recovery from your workouts, then you need to know what supplements help and which ones could be a waste of your time and money.

Thankfully to download, the MI40X workout program has plenty of extras to cover all of these areas. 

This muscle building program includes:

  • The six-phase beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout sheets, each with 36 different training days, so you’re not doing the same thing twice spread out over 42 days.
  • The printable workout sheets.
  • The 7 day primer phase, this is to prepare your body the week before for the following 36 workouts.
  • The CEP practical application training guide, along with the CEP Training Blueprint, will show you how to properly do intra-set stretching and the Cell Expansion Protocol in your workouts the right way.
  • The MI40X Exercise Execution Guide, along with the phenomenal video library, covering every exercise and body part used in the program. 
  • The Nutrition Guide.
  • The Diet Calculators.
  • The Supplement guide.
  • The 7day detox diet.
  • The FAQ Guide.
  • The Hardcore Abs bonus pdf, and also included with Ben Pakulski’s MI40X is the Extreme Suspension Training method.
  • Finally, the 60 day 100% money back guarantee just in case it’s not for you.

Ben Pakulski's Hardcore Abs

The material is all great, but the most important thing, in my opinion, is the workout routines along with the training videos explaining how to execute each movement along with how to use CEP training in your workouts safely. 

The video library covers all of this, fair play to Ben, he’s excellent at communicating to the layperson, I was impressed, and they were enjoyable to watch.

All of the other stuff is secondary. It answers questions you might have and give you peace of mind.

But, if you feel overwhelmed with too much information, then focus on showing up to the gym and doing the program, then add in the other stuff later.

Quality nutrition is paramount, but I feel people complicate food a lot. Avoid sugar, processed food and eat food from the land and you’ll be fine.

 Find Out More  On The Website (FREE VIDEO TRAINING)


My First Impressions

So I paid $97, and then I received everything through email, and I was good to go.

Everything was downloadable to print off and use straight away, the only thing that took some time to download was the extensive video library, but it was worth it.

I’m experienced lifting weights and confident in my technique, so when I’m reading something new, I pick it up quick enough! Add to this Ben’s video instruction which is second to none, and I was away.

I like the fact that Ben’s coaching other people through the exercises from scratch and not just doing them himself while talking.

I was also excited that every day would be different but added to the previous workout instead of leaving me all over the place, feeling like there was no structure! 

I was super happy because the workouts were legit, everything explained, and I did not have to think about what to do myself, I write my programs, but I also know I’ll learn more when doing someone else’s.

All I did was show up in the gym and get stuck into whatever faced me on that day of the MI40X routine.

MI40X Phase 1
Day 1 – Getting Started

The first day was Chest/Front Delts and Biceps. There were single exercises, supersets and tri-sets coupled with NOS on the last set of three of the exercises.

There was a lot of Reps, but I loved it, the essential thing with high reps is to stay on the correct tempo and proper rest periods. 

It is easy to lose discipline and race through it, but we’re looking to create as much tension in the muscle as possible using the right weight, so that was a challenge at times.

The Use Phase

The 7day primer phase helped me avoid too much stiffness after the first few workouts, and it was nice to learn all these new exercises I’d never done before with each new workout day on the program.

Patience was vital because the workouts could go long on some days, and I’m used to wrapping after 45 minutes. I loved it all, though, and the way my muscles felt during each challenge, I got worked out mentally almost as much as physically!

I stayed within the rep ranges given on the workout sheets which at the very minimum, were at their lowest at 6-7 and their highest 21.

Sometimes they would be lower than six but this on two out of 36 days from 42 so not often.

I did the graduate level of the program, next time I’ll go up a level, but one thing I would personally do is go down a bit in reps in some of the movements so I can up the resistance more.

I felt like my body would have got more out of it, especially after the first 15 workouts.

My advice to anyone is when you’re doing MI40X if there’s a particular movement you’re used to doing and you know you’ll get more from it by upping the weight, then up the resistance and drop the reps slightly for the duration of the program.

If it’s a movement in the routine that’s entirely new for you, then stay within the reps ranges etc. 

Feel the movement working right through you; let your body get used to it in its own time and make it a part of you before increasing the load and dropping the rep range.

The other things I’d say is, it’s a very enjoyable but intense program, train when you’re at your best, the first two phases/weeks are each six days straight with Sunday’s off for recovery.

If you’re honestly getting run down while doing everything Ben advises to the letter then take a day off when you need to rest.

Forty-two days might eventually turn in 50 days, but your workouts will be far better, and your body will respond better too!

Other than those two personal suggestions, everything else is golden!


For me, it’s my job to stay in shape consistently. Still, even though I’d already built muscle from years of training and throwing different programs and challenges at my body, I learnt a great deal from Ben Pakulski and MI40X.

MI40X Phase 6
Final Workout In the Books! 🙂

I have improved the definition, strength and body control most notably in my legs.

My calves (using killer exercises) and my arms as well have also increased in size and definition.

Unfortunately, I didn’t track this before starting, but it couldn’t have been more evident at the end of the program!

Ben promises that you’ll find new ways to stimulate muscle growth through hard work and I certainly did. 

I got to lift weights working at different angles using different movements than what I’m used to because I either avoided them before or didn’t know of them. 

The improvement in control of my body after some of the exercises gave me more confidence in myself, e.g. the slow lowering phase(4 seconds down one up) for 15 Reps of a single-leg Step Up using a cable.

It wasn’t just a physical thing for me, but also knowing that my body had improved for performance as well as appearance!

The program improved my knowledge in the weight room, not so much on the fundamentals, but on the number of variations for every muscle group, that when properly executed, can deliver excellent results and will put you through your paces!

Final Thoughts

MI40X Workout Program Rating:  5/5

The program works, follow it to the letter and add in my two suggestions above when/if you feel the need.

Ben left no stone unturned with the video and the MI40X workouts. For $97 it’s a steal, but there’s a 60-day money back guarantee, so you’ve no excuses!

I had a great experience doing it, improving my body from it and then having the beautiful feeling of seeing it through to the end!

If you’re wondering if this will work for you, it will. 

If you see it through to the end coupled with a sound nutrition plan, you maintain adequate levels of hydration (a fancy way of say drink lots of water lol!!) and have sufficient rest and recovery when you need it; then you’ll achieve fat loss and muscle gain!

Halfway through, if you feel like you’ve plateaued anywhere, then as I mentioned earlier, lower the reps slightly and up the weight your lifting while maintaining proper form.

If you want to build muscle, burn fat, improve your appearance, confidence, get in the habit of regularly exercising, and gain experience of how to lift from a seasoned veteran, then MI40X has you covered!

My body has improved because of this routine, and as a coach, I have a lot more things in the toolbox to offer clients in the gym moving forward!

Buy MI40X Here Now

For new users, once you’ve gotten started, please let me know how you get on or if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

Thank you,


Ben Pakulski - Extreme Suspension Training
Over and Out!