Best Time of The Day To Lift Weights

The Best Time Of The Day To Lift Weights!

Wow, so there is a “Best Time” to workout after all; the short answer is whatever time you commit to regularly!

Training consistently is better than not working out at all, that being said, if you have some flexibility regarding what time you want to lift weights at the gym, then today’s post will help you decide on the time that suits you best!

We’ll be covering:

  • Your Circadian Rhythm and the effect it has on your body.
  • Social factors that affect your training.

Let’s get started!

Circadian Rythm

The Circadian is a 24-hour daily biological process found in most living things, including humans, animals, and plants.

Its functions include responding to light and darkness in an individual’s environment, food intake, and exercise. It’s like your internal body clock.

Your Circadian Rythm interacts with virtually every primary system in your body, including hormone production and central nervous system activity. 

Looking at the image below for examples of biochemical and physiological events with a 24-hour biorhythm, you would assume between 1-4 is the optimal training time for everyone. Still, it’s not as clear cut as that!

Best Time of The Day To Lift Weights

If you’re a teenager, a working adult, or if you have a family or not, many factors come into play that can stop you from training at your ideal time. 

Take all of this into account before deciding on the right time for you before committing to your workouts.

Social Factors

1.Your Job:

If you’re a 9-5er with little flexibility, then training between 1-4 is out. As you well know, work comes first, pay the bills, and then tackle your training. 

Unless you can make a deal with your boss you’ll have to find a time outside of 1-4 that’s suitable but also still effective.

2.Family Time:

If you have a family, then just like your work, training time will take a backseat. Your family is the most important thing in your life; everything else is secondary.

If you have children, do they have to be dropped to school in the morning? What about being home after work. 

Once again, similar to work, your family has to be taken into account when planning your workouts.

3.Your Personality:

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you hit the ground running first thing in the morning, or does it take you a few hours to get moving?

I like to take my time first thing in the morning, enjoy my breakfast with a few cups of coffee then train in the afternoon.

Regardless of Circadian Rythm recommending late afternoon to workout. If you prefer training late at night or first thing in the morning then exercise then. 

It’s more important than waiting for the “ideal time” and not doing anything because you don’t feel like it!

4.Gym Opening Hours:

Is the gym open when you want to go? Not every health club has 24-hour service.

Are you able to train appropriately during peak times, or will you be waiting in line to get a bench or use the machines?

In the end, the best time of day to train is the time of day that works for you and fits your schedule that you can commit to consistently. 

The timing of the day is a lot less crucial than only making it to the gym in the first place. 

Getting your workouts consistently trumps most other things when it comes to getting in shape.